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Environmental Policy

Cotteswood has, for many years been very committed to a policy to ensure that its manufacturing and other activities have the least effect on the environment as possible.

All timbers used are Forest Stewardship Council approved so come from sustainable sources. All wood shavings and sawdust are mechanically collected and fed through to a furnace to provide 90% of the company’s heating.  All hardwood off-cuts are recycled by providing them to the local community as a source of kindling.

“At Cotteswood we aim, to the best of our knowledge, to purchase from forests that are well managed.  We therefore purchase the vast majority of timber from Timbmet Ltd in Oxford.  They have a qualified Environmental Co-ordinator who assesses all of their suppliers and who has introduced a system which allows them to purchase timber preferentially from suppliers who can provide information which indicates that their forests are being well managed”. Richard French PRODUCTION MANAGER


“All wise forest management must have woodlands valued and endeavour to utilise them as much as possible, but in such a way that later generations will be able to derive at least as much benefit from them as the present generation claims for itself” George Ludwig Hartwig (1785)